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Wednesday 03/6/2019

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  • 12:44 PM

    The Energy GraphiteTM Company Sourced and Manufactured in the United States of America   TORONTO, Oct. 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Alabama Graphite Corp. (“Alabama Graphite” or the “Company”) (TSX-V:CSPG) (OTCQB:CSPGF) is pleased to announce that the Company has executed a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) with an established United States-based lead-acid battery manufacturer (the “Buyer”) to supply high-purity, natural flake premium Purified Micronized Graphite (“PMG”) product — marketed under the tradename ULTRA-PMG™ — and Delaminated Expanded Graphite (“DEXDG”) conductivity enhancement materials for applications

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  • 3:03 AM

    EGYH BODY & ACLP More Info @ Web Site: www.OTCMarkets.com Thursday, November 6th – Follow us on Twitter @PUBLIC_WIRE EGYH – UP 225% BODY – UP 69% CGRW – UP 45% SUB PENNY GAINERS – ACLP +128%, AWWI +112%, WTCG +50%, SIPC +45% and DNNC +35% Stocks that took a tumble today- DALT down 54% TINO down 45% CDVI down 44%

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  • 2:47 AM

    HPNN GFOO & CJTF More Info @ Web Site: www.OTCMarkets.com Thursday, October 9th – Follow us on Twitter @PUBLIC_WIRE ETST- UP 23% CNRMF- UP 23% PSID – UP 19% SUB PENNY GAINERS – HPNN +100%, GFOO +76%, CJTF +63%, ECAU +44%, NSAV +33% and HKUP +31% Stocks that took a tumble today- DALT down 40% CGRA down 33% HARI down 32%

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