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Thursday 03/7/2019

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Black Ridge Oil & Gas

  • 1:32 PM

    MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 5, 2017, ANFC, /PRNewswire/ — Black Ridge Oil & Gas, Inc. (“the Company” or “Black Ridge”) (OTCQB: ANFC) announced the pricing of its sponsored special purpose acquisition company, Black Ridge Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:BRACU) (“BRAC”), initial public offering (IPO). The Company is using a portion of the proceeds of its rights offering completed on September 26, 2017 to purchase 400,000 units (or up to 445,000 units if the underwriters exercise their option to purchase units to cover over-allotments) at $10.00 per unit to fulfill its sponsorship

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  • 11:53 PM

    DULMF OSLH & SRNA More Info @ Web Site: www.OTCMarkets.com Monday, November 3rd – Follow us on Twitter @PUBLIC_WIRE DULMF – UP 461% OSLH – UP 44% IVOB – UP 42% ABAT – UP 31% SRNA – UP 25% SUB PENNY GAINERS – TALK +82%, IGRW +53%, and SWRF +25% Stocks that took a tumble today- TCPS down 54% SVFC down 50% BTZO down 50%

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  • 9:41 PM

    NTEK MVTG & HFCO More Info @ Web Site: www.OTCMarkets.com Monday, September 22st – Follow us on Twitter @Public_Wire TEGY- UP 114% Note: Only 19 trades on the day NTEK – UP 36% Note: $900K in dollar volume today MVTG – UP 26% SUB PENNY GAINERS – EEGI +35%, IDGC +33%, BTZO +28% and VIIC +22% Stocks that took a tumble today- HFCO down 66% PPJE down 50%….hit a new 52 wk low PLCSF down 49%….currently sitting at its 52

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