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The White House’s Telehealth Services Program for Veterans Validates Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. “MIHI” Plan to Provide Specialty Medical Services to Rural Americans

DULUTH, Georgia, MIHI,/PRNewswire/ —

Opens Up A Super-Sized Market That Is Largely Untapped. The Administration has endorsed telemedicine as a solution to support delivery of care. Both VA and MIHI Respectively Are seeking To Expand Access To Veterans & Rural Populations Via Telemedicine; Benefits Include Less Wait time, Little To No Travel and Access To Wide Range Of Specialists

Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. (“MIHI” or the “Company”) (OTC: MIHI), a Company who was the first to focus on providing specialty telemedicine/telehealth services to patients in rural medically underserved areas, today commented on how an August 3, 2017 announcement by the Trump administration concerning a new effort by the Veterans Administration to expand veterans’ access to telehealth services around the country, mirrored what the Company has already been saying and validates the vision of the Company Founders.

President Trump alongside Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary, David Shulkin, at a Department of Veterans Affairs Telehealth Event in the White House, announced the VA’s new Telehealth Services program.

The President said, “Today, I’m pleased to announce another historic breakthrough that will expand VA services to many more patients and veterans. We will do this through telehealth services.” (emphasis added) https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/08/03/remarks-president-trump-department-veterans-affairs-telehealth-event

Secretary Shulkin pointed out that the new effort aims to use telehealth services to help veterans seeking care ‘anywhere to anywhere’. He said, “We’reremoving geography as a barrier so that we can speed up access to veterans and really honor our commitment to them.” (emphasis added) https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/08/03/remarks-president-trump-department-veterans-affairs-telehealth-event

Arturo ‘Jake’ Sanchez, CEO and Director, stated, “The similarities are striking. It certainly looks like we have been ahead of the curve here. But more importantly, the direction the President endorsed endorses our business direction and model. This means that under this administration all government based health services (i.e. DoD, VA, CMS) will consider the use of telehealth services as well. This in turn changes and creates regulations and legislation that soon reaches the private markets. This signals a boom for the space and a shift of funding to support the new agenda. The Company could not be in a better position.

From our experience, Telemedicine/telehealth many times may be the only way to deliver specialty care to rural populations. We believe that it will serve the VA well to help reduce the backlog by allowing our Veterans to get what they deserve – timely and quality specialty care.

We believe, to achieve their mission the VA will require private 3rd party telemedicine networks to control and reduce backlog. This announcement reaffirms our long-held focus on telemedicine/telehealth as the best vehicle to bring specialty quality medical care to all areas of need in rural and underdeveloped areas across the country. We are excited to be in the space and see more growth opportunities for our business.”

About Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc.

MIHI, a Colorado-based publicly traded company, owns and operates strategically aligned health care service companies focused on the delivery of clinical virtual medicine (health) as a way of bringing quality medical care to all areas of need including rural and underdeveloped areas across the country. Through our wholly owned subsidiary, 3Point Care, we provide personalized high-tech high-touch telemedicine encounters pairing our virtual health specialty doctors with traditional primary doctors utilizing nextgen virtual health technologies in order to connect a patient with a multi-disciplinary specialty clinical healthcare practice. Through our other companies and relationships we offer Affordable Care Organization (ACO) support, wellness and prevention, lab analysis and lab services, and remote diagnostic monitoring.

We serve a number of constituents and stakeholders interested in reducing the cost of care, enhancing the quality of care, promoting access to care, and maintaining the continuum of care.

For more information on MIHI, please visit the Company’s website at http://www.medicalinnovationholdings.com.

To be added to the Company investor email list, please email investor@MedicalInnovationHoldings.com with MIHI in the subject line.

To leave a message please call +1-866-883-3793 for Investor Relations.


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