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Friday 02/22/2019

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Maricann Group Inc

  • 4:02 PM

    Maricann Group, Inc. (OTC Ticker: MRRCF, CSE: MARI) is currently featured in The Moskowitz Report as a newly public marijuana stock about to redefine who will dominate the medical MJ market on two continents.  To see the report go to: http://maricannreport.com/ About Maricann Group Inc.Maricann is a vertically integrated producer and distributor of marijuana for medical purposes. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Toronto with a facility in Langton, Ontario, where it operates a medicinal cannabis cultivation,

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  • 6:58 PM

    SAN DIEGO, CA — (Marketwired) — 06/01/15 — IFAN Financial, Inc. (OTCQB: IFAN), a designer, developer, and distributer of software to enable mobile payments, is pleased to announce that it has closed a funding agreement with NY-based Sea Otter Global Ventures, LLC, manager of SBI Investments, LLC (together, “Sea Otter”) for $2,500,000. The financing is comprised of two parts — a $500,000 secured promissory note and a $2,000,000 equity line of credit. The 12-month loan is secured by insider stock,

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  • 7:52 PM

    Mobile-based Payments in U.S. set to Almost Triple to $142 Billion in Volume in 2019 – Take a Look at IFAN Financial, Inc.! IFAN Financial, Inc. Ticker: IFAN IFANFinancial.com Mobile-based payments in the U.S. are expected to reach $142 billion in volume in 2019, per Forrester Research, from about $50 billion currently. IFAN Financial’s unique platforms iPIN Technologies and Quidme are on the Cutting-edge of innovation in the e-commerce boom. IFAN is trading at 30 cents after pulling back from

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  • 2:17 PM

    IFAN FINANCIAL INC . COMMON S IFAN Financial, Inc . Common S (“IFAN,IFAND-L”) – OTCBB Short Positions on 2015/03/31 253,271 11,165 0.33   Net Total Last Total Price Date Change Shorted Price Volume Range —————————————————————————- 2015/03/31 11,165 253,271 0.33 5,062,600 0.18 – 0.37 2015/03/13 -40,603 242,106 0.29 1,949,472 0.29 – 0.38 2015/02/27 -151,837 282,709 0.40 3,841,500 0.40 – 0.54 2015/02/13 41,507 434,546 0.57 2,113,300 0.47 – 0.58 2015/01/30 24,703 393,039 0.51 8,286,200 0.48 – 0.78 2015/01/15 120,372 368,336 0.74 13,867,600

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  • 1:38 PM

    John De Puy Appointed Director to Assist With Final Development, Commercialization of IFAN Technologies SAN DIEGO, CA — (Marketwired) — 04/10/15 — IFAN Financial, Inc. (OTC: IFAN), a development-stage company focused on delivering the next generation of mobile payment transactions, today announces the appointment of John C. De Puy to the company’s board of directors where he will advise on capital formation and marketing strategy. “John’s extensive experience in technology and corporate growth will be an invaluable resource for our

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  • 2:16 PM

    iPIN Technologies Beta Testing Represents the Final Phase of Evaluation Prior to Official Product LaunchSAN DIEGO, CA, Mar 18, 2015 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — IFAN Financial, Inc. (OTC: IFAN), an innovator of mobile payment solutions and technologies, announces that its iPIN Technologies subsidiary has commenced initial beta testing of its card payment platform through Vantiv’s industry leading payment processing system. Vantiv(R) is one of the most trusted and respected organizations in the payment processing industry, as well as the nation’s largest

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