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Saturday 02/23/2019

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  • 11:57 AM

    EVANSVILLE, Ind., Sept. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —  Integral Technologies, Inc. (OTC-PK: ITKG) (“Integral”), and its wholly owned subsidiary ElectriPlast Corporation, announced today that production has begun for two automotive programs awarded in late June. In preparation for production, several preliminary orders were completed in July and August for both programs. The first production order for ElectriPlast was completed this week for a North American Tier 1 for use in an EMI shielded connector in a luxury European OEM’s electric SUV.

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  • 1:59 PM

    DENVER, CO–AMMJ, (Marketwired – Mar 23, 2017) – American Cannabis Company, Inc. (OTCQB: AMMJ) (the “Company”), a full-service business-to-business consulting solutions provider, and seller of ancillary products to the cannabis industry, today announced it has secured its first client in the Canadian province of Alberta. The Company will be working with this client to strategically plan business operations as well as develop a robust financial model in effort to lay the foundation for license acquisition. Furthermore, the Company will be

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  • 5:42 PM

    CHEYENNE, WY–PMEA,(Marketwired – Jan 19, 2017) –  Aircraft manufacturer PM&E, Inc. (OTC PINK: PMEA) announced today that the company has secured a 10 million dollar funding package to support the company’s aggressive growth and expansion plans. CEO Joseph Bourne stated, “All of the pieces are falling into place for a very profitable 2017. We have secured a 10 million dollar funding package for growth and expansion through GPL Ventures, LLC. With this new funding we will be able to complete the

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  • GreenGro Technologies
    2:55 PM

    Company Advances in Development of Turn Key Extract Manufacturing Facilities Contained in State-of-the-Art Modular Buildings ANAHEIM, CA — GRNH, (Marketwired) — 12/09/16 — Greengro Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: GRNH), a world-class provider of eco-friendly green technologies, announces today that it has purchased a 20 litre supercritical CO2 extraction machine for its all new turn key extraction labs. This system utilizes high-flow pumps and large capacity extraction columns to rapidly recover essential oils from various botanical sources. As testing of this

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  • 7:23 PM

    LAS VEGAS, NV — SVSN, (Marketwired) — 09/08/16 — StereoVision Entertainment Inc. (OTC PINK: SVSN), a publicly traded Nevada corporation, announced today that their jointly owned Puerto Rico medical cannabis subsidiary GreenVision Systems is expanding its medical cannabis cultivation and manufacturing plan to include the multiple acre farming of Hemp. “The Hemp market is expanding exponentially,” said the Company. “With Hemp production having been authorized by Congress in 2014 we’ve received interest from Hemp distributors to purchase for international export

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  • 2:49 PM

    LAS VEGAS, NV– SVSN,(Marketwired – Aug 2, 2016) – StereoVision Entertainment Inc., a Nevada publicly traded company (OTC PINK: SVSN), announced today the formation of the equally owned Puerto Rico company GreenVision Systems LLC. GreenVision’s purpose is to acquire licensing for the legal cultivation, manufacturing, and transportation of Cannabis products in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico’s Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla has certified a mechanism of “emergency” to allow the immediate implementation of the new Medical Cannabis Program. “The emergency was decreed

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