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Wednesday 03/6/2019

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  • 9:17 AM

    Sep 13, 2017, VNUE OTC Disclosure & News Service – VNUE, Inc., the global leader in recording live events and releasing experiential content to fans, announced today the addition of music industry veteran Lou Mann to its executive team as Executive Vice President. Mann, a former Executive Vice President and General Manager of Capitol Records, as well as president of Media Properties for House of Blues (HOB), brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to VNUE. VNUE provides audiences with

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  • 3:03 AM

    EGYH BODY & ACLP More Info @ Web Site: www.OTCMarkets.com Thursday, November 6th – Follow us on Twitter @PUBLIC_WIRE EGYH – UP 225% BODY – UP 69% CGRW – UP 45% SUB PENNY GAINERS – ACLP +128%, AWWI +112%, WTCG +50%, SIPC +45% and DNNC +35% Stocks that took a tumble today- DALT down 54% TINO down 45% CDVI down 44%

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  • 9:59 PM

    DJAK WEQL & IMLE More Info @ Web Site: www.OTCMarkets.com Tuesday, October 21st – Follow us on Twitter @PUBLIC_WIRE DJAK- UP 562% WEQL – UP 158% IMLE – UP 108% Note: No news in over a month…big volume day…skull n bones NRTI – UP 88% Note: Hits a new 52 wk high HYSR – UP 69% Note: Over $572k in dollar volume today SUB PENNY GAINERS – IJJP +200%, IMMB +52%, and SVFC +33% Stocks that took a tumble today-

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  • 9:58 PM

    FLXT TRTC & SRNA More Info @ Web Site: www.OTCMarkets.com Monday, October 20th – Follow us on Twitter @PUBLIC_WIRE FLXT- UP 42% Note: Blasted through its previous 52 wk high of .19 PROW – UP 39% Note: Company issued news today… NTCXF – UP 34% SRNA – UP 27% TRTC – UP 24% SUB PENNY GAINERS – ACLP +71%, GLDG +50%, BBDA +33% and EEGI +30% Stocks that took a tumble today- NKRSF down 55% MHYS down 37% SIMH down

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