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Wednesday 02/20/2019

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Grow Condos

  • 1:31 PM

    EAGLE POINT, OR–GRWC, (Marketwired – Feb 9, 2017) – Grow Condos, Inc. (OTCQB: GRWC), a fully reporting publicly traded company specializing in cannabis industry related “Condo” style real estate and turn-key grow facilities, is pleased to announce today that it has obtained nearly half a million dollars in financing. Management is committed to the building of the Smoke on the Water brand. With a vision to bring Cannabis Friendly vacationing to life for nature lovers, tourists, and enthusiasts alike, the

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  • 12:25 PM

    PPJ Enterprises is a leader in proprietary automated health care reimbursement cycle software (all specialties), on line health information digital systems software and practice information management digital system software for health care providers and general businesses worldwide. We have developed a revolutionary medical billing software system.

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