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Thursday 03/7/2019

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Drone USA

  • 7:21 AM

    NEW YORK, May 30, 2017, DRUS, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Drone USA, Inc. (OTC Markets:DRUS) (“Drone USA” or the “Company”), a developer and manufacturer of low altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (“UAVs”) and related technologies, today announced that it received a purchase order for a Shadow Police Drone from a Connecticut Police Department. Michael Bannon, Drone USA’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “We are excited about aggressively entering into the U.S. police drone market.  Our goal is to start in New England and

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  • 4:29 PM

    NEW YORK, Dec. 06, 2016, DRUS, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Drone USA, Inc. (OTC:DRUS) (“Drone USA” or the “Company”), a developer, manufacturer and distributor of low altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (“UAV”) and related technologies announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Empirical Systems Aerospace, Inc. (“ESAero”). Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California, ESAero is best known for their work on the NASA SCEPTOR X-57 “Maxwell” X-Plane contract, a 3,000 lb. electric flight demonstrator and NASA’s first

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