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Tuesday 02/19/2019

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  • 2:50 PM

    WALTHAM, Mass., June 8, 2016, TGEN, /PRNewswire/ — Tecogen® Inc. (NASDAQ: TGEN) is pleased to announce the sale of two Tecochill® 50-ton air-cooled chillers for installation in an indoor growing facility in Canada. Dramatically reducing the facility’s electric use by switching cooling loads over to the efficient natural gas engine-driven chillers, the Tecochill units not only provide material cost savings to the facility but also serve as a free source of carbon dioxide (CO2). When fitted with Tecogen’s ultra-clean Ultera®

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  • 12:51 PM

    Liberated Energy, Inc (PublicWire.com Press Release) –The renewable energy sector is growing at an exponential rate. Solar energy use has surged at about 20% a year throughout the past 15 years and according to USA Today, the number of renewable-energy patents in the United States alone exceeded 1,000 annually by 2009.Simply put, the demand for innovation is perpetuating the alternative sector. Companies such as Apple and Google are invested heavily in solar energy, due to the fact that they can’t

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