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Thursday 03/7/2019

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  • 9:09 AM

    MINNEAPOLIS, March 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Precision Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:AIPT) (“Precision” or “the Company”), formerly Skyline Medical, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, TumorGenesis Inc., has secured a license agreement with CellBridge Incorporated (“CellBridge”) which grants it access to CellBridge’s 3D biomimetic support technology. This follows the Company’s recently announced license agreements with SyntArray, LLC and 48Hour Discovery and is the latest milestone in the Company’s strategy to bring together ground-breaking technologies to develop the next generation of patient derived (“PDx”) tumor models for

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  • 2:50 PM

    Cannabis (PublicWire.com Press Release) — ENDEXX Corp. (Ancillary Cannabis Stock) www.endexx.com Stock Ticker: EDXC The medical marijuana industry has made bigger strides in the past year than it has in decades. Twenty states and the District of Columbia have passed laws legalizing the use of #1 cash crop in America right now which beats out corn and wheat COMBINED. BIG business in a Brand New Market that investors are looking to cash in on Now Before the crowd! Some of

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  • 4:00 AM

    Health Sciences Group, Inc. 20 November 2009 (PublicWire) — Health Sciences Group, Inc. (Pink Sheets:HESG) would like to announce that its lawyer Mr. Robert Young is aggressively seeking realtors in the Los Angeles area to open up Health Sciences offices. The company intends on pursuing with new consultant agreement under Marijuana Inc. a joint venture to market management services. “We are still in negotiations with Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) to complete a joint venture or merger or rolling up into a

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