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(SNRY.OB)Solar Energy Initiatives, Inc. Completes 1.5 Million Dollar Sale Of Solar Panels

Solar Energy Initiatives

(PublicWire.com News Release)Solar Energy Initiatives, Inc. (OTCBB: SNRY), with businesses in solar project development, distribution and workforce training, announced that the Company’s SNRY Solar Inc division has completed a sale of PV solar panels totaling $1.5 million with an international purchaser. The profitable business line concentrates on selling both solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems as well as the managing of solar thermal government contracts.

“This sale marks the largest transaction to date from our newly formed SNRY Solar subsidiary,” stated Mr. Eric Johnson, President of SNRY Solar Inc. “This achievement is a direct result of our ability to provide worldwide sales and product support to our customers and dealers. Finalizing this transaction shows that we have truly turned the corner in our ability to serve the international marketplace. Our sales and order fulfillment team, working closely with our dedicated supplier, did a fabulous job on very short notice. We are encouraged with our ability to expand our market presence via the international sale as we continue to experience strong demand in the U.S. Going forward, we remain dedicated to expanding our solar panel division as we continue to sign and complete a large number of municipal contracts. SNRY Solar looks forward to securing additional sales opportunities and contracts as we bolster earnings and improve shareholder value.”

Solar Energy Initiatives

Solar Energy Initiatives

SNRY Solar Inc

SNRY Solar Inc consists of three main operating groups; Solar EOS, which educates trade professionals in the solar industry, SNRY Solar Inc. which handles government grants and the wholesale distribution of thermal and photovoltaic (PV) systems in the US and Caribbean, and SNRY Power, which develops municipal and commercial scale solar solutions.


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(SNRY.OB)Solar Energy Initiatives, Inc. Completes 1.5 Million Dollar Sale Of Solar Panels



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