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Sunday 02/17/2019

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  • 5:18 PM

    Jan 25, 2016, LEAI OTC Disclosure & News Service – Elite Legacy Education, Inc., a Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. (OTCQB: LEAI) (http://legacyeducationalliance.com/) company, today announced the launch of the Elite Business Star™ brand. Created in partnership with legendary entrepreneur Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks from the hit TV show Shark Tank, Elite Business Star is designed to help individuals take their business to the next level. “We are truly excited to develop this new brand in partnership with

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  • 12:34 PM

    Scania (PublicWire.com Press Release) –The Board of Directors of Scania AB has noted that Volkswagen AG today announced a public offer to the shareholders in Scania to transfer all of their shares in Scania to Volkswagen. Those members of the Board of Directors of Scania who are not conflicted in relation to the offer will have an initial meeting regarding the offer within short. Sodertalje 21 February 2014 The Board of Scania Scania is one of the world’s leading manufacturers

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