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Precision Therapeutics Merger with Helomics Corp. Accelerates Personalized Cancer Treatment Strategies

In an Interview with CEOCFO Magazine, CEO Dr. Carl Schwartz Explains how the Company’s Database of Tumors, Artificial Intelligence Technology, and Groundbreaking Method for Growing Human Cancer Cells Makes it a Leader in Personalized Medicine

EAGAN, MN / ACCESSWIRE / July 17, 2018 / CEOCFO Magazine, an independent investment publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today released an interview with Dr. Carl Schwartz, President, CEO and Director of Precision Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: AIPT).

As Dr. Schwartz told CEOCFO’s Bud Wayne, Precision Therapeutics has become a leader in personalized treatments for cancer both through its own efforts and though its recent merger with Helomics.

“Precision Therapeutics is a unique entity, with a very bright future,” said Dr. Schwartz.

With the merger with Helomics, for example, Precision Therapeutics now has a significant amount of data on different cancer types and how those cancers respond to drugs. “We have a one-of-a-kind database of drug-response profiles obtained from testing over 150,000 patient tumors,” explained Dr. Schwartz. “This, together with other data like genomic and clinical data, is highly valuable.”

In addition, Helomics is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence with its D-CHIP™ (Dynamic Clinical Health Insight Platform). One of the major problems in cancer treatment is that there are many thousands of different types of tumors. As a result, a drug combination that may work against one patient’s cancer may be completely ineffective against another’s.

The combination of the tumor database and D-CHIP helps tackle this puzzle, Dr. Schwartz explained. “We are able to mine the genomic and drug-response profile data from those tumors to provide actionable data to provide a true precision medicine approach for cancer patients,” he said. In other words, it’s possible to determine exactly which treatment has the best chances of success in any given patient.

Moreover, Precision Therapeutics’ wholly owned subsidiary TumorGenesis is helping to pioneer an even more powerful approach. Until now, growing human cancer cells in the lab in a way that mimics actual tumors in the body has been difficult and time consuming. That’s why pharmaceutical companies have faced such a challenge in developing and testing new drugs.

TumorGenesis is solving this problem. Its approach uses proprietary technology to capture the patents tumor cells and then “reassemble” the tumor on a special 3D scaffold that allows the tumor to grow in an environment that closely mimics the patients’ own body. The TumorGenesis approach will improve testing of drugs on the patient’s own tumor as well as offering an invaluable new tool for testing potential drug candidates.

“We expect that the TumorGenesis technology coupled with Helomics will provide a better, precision medicine path for the patient that will yield much better outcomes,” said Dr. Schwartz.


Bud Wayne
Editorial Executive
CEOCFO Magazine


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