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No Borders, Inc. (OTC:NBDR) subsidiary Lannister Holdings, Inc. announces hiring of Auditing firm, formation of Company Advisory Board, Naming of Advisory Board Member.

Lannister Holdings, Inc. (OTC:NBDR) has retained Frucci & Associates II, PLLC as the companys auditors, formed a Company Advisory Board and Named John White as an Advisory Board Member.

I am pleased to announce that we have retained the team at Frucci & Associates II, PLLC as our auditing firm and we look forward to our future working with their team. A special thank you to our CFO Michael Handelman for the amazing work he has done to get our company prepared for these audits and setup for continued fiscal compliance moving forward. Additionally, I am very happy to officially kickoff our Advisory Board by naming John White to the Public Relations Seat of the Lannister Holdings, Inc. Advisory Board. Joseph Snyder, CEO

Frucci & Associates II PLLC;

The mission of Fruci & Associates II, PLLC is to maximize the financial welfare of the individuals and businesses we serve.

Our mission is rooted in our strong commitment to deliver exceptional and quality work, build lasting relationships with our clients and provide value in all that we do. Operating from integrity and honesty, we share our knowledge and expertise to support and help our clients realize their business goals, achieve financial growth and empower future success.

Lannister Holdings, Inc. Advisory Board;

The Board of Directors of Lannister Holdings, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of No Borders, Inc. (NBDR) has voted to establish a 12 member Advisory Board consisting of thought leaders, innovators, government & industry leaders and other creative people whom the Board feels may add strategic value, insight and energy to the goals and mission of the Company. We believe that having a strong and diverse Advisory Board provides Lannister with a strategic advantage in the software development sector and establishes Lannister in a strong position of authority in the global marketplace.

The Board of Directors has named John White to the Public Relations Seat on the Advisory Board for a 12 month term effective June 10th 2018. Johns experience in PR, social strategy, growth hacking and media relations make him a wonderful mentor and advisor for the internal Lannister Teams and a powerful advocate of the Lannister Mission. We are grateful to have him join our adventure and look forward to his insights and mentorship.

John White-

John White is the founder of Social Marketing Solutions. He is globally recognized Columnist for Inc. Magazine and has racked up more than 200k followers on social media. His areas of expertise are social media, PR, content marketing, and growth hacking. He holds an MBA (Marketing) from Regis University. When he’s not tweeting or blogging, John enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters in Fort Collins, CO. His favorite things are playing tennis, going camping, and eating Mexican food.

No Borders, Inc.

Lannister Holdings, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of No Borders, Inc.


Contact: mschwartz@lannisterholdings.com

Morissa Schwartz, Public Relations

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