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HealthWarehouse.com Only Certified Online Pharmacy to Sell Prescriptions on Google

Feb 16, 2016, HEWA

OTC Disclosure & News Service – HealthWarehouse.com, Inc. (OTCQB:HEWA), the only VIPPS-accredited online pharmacy licensed in all 50 states, today reiterated its commitment to provide safe online prescriptions and true drug-price transparency, amid increases in fraudulent online pharmacies. HealthWarehouse.com is currently the only pharmacy that meets Google’s stringent criteria to sell prescription items online and is the only pharmacy that lists drug prices on Google Shopping.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, only three percent of online pharmacies are safe and legal. In other words, consumers need to be extremely cautious when purchasing their prescriptions online. In order to sell prescriptions on Google Shopping, a company must have an online pharmacy, list actual drug prices online allowing consumers to purchase and be VIPPS-accredited.

“The lack of drug price transparency is telling because it means consumers are being gouged at the pharmacy counter and they know it,” said Lalit Dhadphale, CEO of HealthWarehouse.com. “In order to combat price gouging, consumers need to shop around, but many find themselves encountering dangerous, illegal online pharmacies promising lower prices. HealthWarehouse.com is the only online pharmacy that is safe, completely price transparent and offers the lowest prices.”

With the soaring cost of prescription drugs, consumers are increasingly faced with going without medication or being preyed upon by fraudulent Internet pharmacies based in other countries. These “rogue” pharmacies advertise heavily discounted medications that are of low-quality or counterfeit.

Drug price transparency is also increasingly an issue because consumers are dealing with high insurance co-pays and deductibles, accelerated by the ACA. While sites like GoodRx try to give consumers an idea of pricing, these sites are paid handsomely by the major pharmacy chains to direct consumers to their pharmacies.

Recently named by a leading consumer publication as having the lowest overall prices among top US pharmacies, HealthWarehouse.com offers customers a safe source for finding the lowest prices on brand name and generic medications while avoiding the dangers of fraudulent online pharmacies. While online price comparison tools can be helpful in determining pricing, however prices change often and there is no guaranteed price until you visit the pharmacy counter.

At HealthWarehouse.com, which acts like the Kelley Blue Book of drug pricing, consumers are provided full transparency, guaranteeing the price you see is the price you get.

About HealthWarehouse.com

HealthWarehouse.com, Inc. (OTC: HEWA) is a trusted VIPPS accredited online pharmacy based in Florence, Kentucky. The company is focused on the growing out of pocket prescription market, which is expected to grow to $80 billion in 2015. With a mission to provide affordable healthcare to every American by focusing on technology that is revolutionizing prescription delivery, HealthWarehouse.com has become the largest VIPPS accredited online pharmacy in the United States.

HealthWarehouse.com is licensed in all 50 states and only sells drugs that are FDA-approved and legal for sale in the United States. Visit HealthWarehouse.com online at http://www.HealthWarehouse.com.


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