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Global Payout Announces New Members to the Board of Directors

SAN DIEGO, CA, GOHE / ACCESSWIRE / August 2016 / Global Payout, Inc. August, 2016 (OTC: GOHE) is excited to announce four new members to the Board of Directors. These new members will be in addition to our CEO James Hancock, President and VP of Sales and Marketing Bill Rochfort, and CFO Joseph Sebo. For more information about them please visit our website at http://www.globalpayout.com/letter-ceo.html.

Ron Meyers: CEO Denovo Formations: Mr. Meyers has been in the Denovo (New) banking community and commercial banking industry for over 30 years. During that time, he has provided critical development services to over Eighty-five (85) new start-up banks. Those services included branch construction, secure data systems integration, executive bank management searches, bank vendor selection services, capital raising and mergers and acquisitions. In addition, Mr. Meyers has consulted with many of the top twenty-five world banks assisting them with the development and expansion of their markets. For more on Mr. Meyers, please visit – http://www.denovoformations.com/team.html.

Ted Morgan: Managing Director ATI Capital Partners, LLC: Mr. Morgan is a former Xerox Corp. Executive who became an entrepreneur, now with over 25 years of experience as a founder, financier, and C Level executive of venture capital and private equity financed ventures. He is the Founder of Office Club, which merged with Office Depot (NYSE: ODP) in the 90’s. He has also founded and financed a number of other technology companies including software, medical equipment, retail, and electric vehicle ventures. He is experienced in all aspects of corporate development, from start-up to exit. He also has extensive international business experience. Ted has a BS degree in Business Admin & Production Mgmt. from CSU East Bay and pursued MBA studies at UC Berkeley. For more information on Mr. Morgan, please visit – http://ati-capital.com/aboutprinciples.html.

Ronald Askew: Managing Director Askew
Kabala: Mr. Askew has significant experience in commercial banking and investment banking, with an emphasis on capital markets, management, consulting, financial restructuring and most other facets of commercial and Investment banking. Prior to becoming a founding member of the Askew Kabala Firm, Mr. Askew was a Managing Director and Partner of a prominent national investment banking firm, headquartered in Los Angeles and was executive vice president of Benefit Capital Company. Mr. Askew has also served as Chairman and CEO of several banking institutions adding to his significant Banking and Investment Management experience. For more information on Mr. Askew, please visit – http://www.askewkabala.com/biographical-information.html.

Douglas Miller: CEO Capital Growth Planning, Inc.: Mr. Miller is the Chief Executive Officer for Capital Growth Planning, Inc. (CGP) and the interim CEO for ISBC Holdings Ltd. Mr. Miller began his association with CGP in August of 1988, after graduating from Fresno State with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration – Financial Services. Mr. Miller is directly involved in the management, development, and marketing of the Company’s proprietary insurance and investment products, programs, and structures for commercial banking, wealth management and yield enhancement. Several of these product structures were listed with the United States Patent Office for Patent approval and are designated for domestic and international product syndication. Mr. Miller has been a member of the National Investment Bankers Association (NIBA) and Financial Services Exchange (FSX) since the late nineties. Mr. Miller holds a Real Estate & Life Insurance license with the State of California. For more information on Mr. Miller, please visit – http://www.capplan.com/Management.3.htm.

About Global Payout, Inc.

Global Payout, Inc., www.globalpayout.com, headquartered in San Diego, California, is a Program Manager providing both project management advisory services and direct account provisioning systems that can be offered through Global’s eWallet platforms, digital currency management, and prepaid debit card bank programs located throughout the world. This enables end-users of the platform to maximize an expanded suite of financial services and minimize operational costs through integration of state-of- the-art FinTech applications and platforms.

About ISBC Holdings Ltd.

ISBC Holdings, Ltd. (ISBC Holdings) is a domestic and international bank management company acting as the sole manager of International Sovereign Bank Corporation (ISBC), a private international bank. ISBC is a privately owned Sovereign Nation Bank to be held on the Sovereign Tribal land of the Wakpamni Lake Community, Oglala Sioux Tribe located at the Pine Ridge Tribal Reservation in South Dakota. ISBC Holdings has entered into an irrevocable Operations Management Services Agreement with International Sovereign Bank Corporation for a term of 100 years to manage bank products, services and operations. ISBC Holdings has been established as an off-shore company based in Hong Kong and domestically in Nevada, with administrative offices in San Diego and Orange County, California.

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