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Est. 2004

Disruptive B2B Streaming Background Music Platform Reg CF Equity Raise Underway

Cloud Cover Music’s Proceeds Allows Large Retailer HQ’s Digital Control of Music
Curation, Audio Messaging and Advertising for Half the Price of Market Leaders


SANTA MONICA, California, February 1, 2018 -Cloud Cover Music (CCM) announced today that it has
a Reg CF equity crowdfunding campaign available on Equity Bender LLC to complete the buildout of its
revolutionary curation and management control platform for retailers in North America. The company
set out to raise funds via Equity Bender https://equitybender.com/eb-company/cloud-cover-music/
to support its Enterprise marketing and sales efforts and to complete development of its Tune platform
that allows playlist curation, music/promotional message scheduling, monitoring and control of
individual locations, all for about $20 monthly.

The company’s platform allows businesses that are required to have a Public Performance License, such
as retailers and medical offices, to match music and audio solutions to their business goals. CCM’s
leading behavioral library of hundreds of research studies validates music’s impact on consumer and
employee’s behaviors and emotions, ranging from a sense of belonging to calming happiness to increased
acceptance of check-out line times. “Music is so powerful that fast food restaurants can use it to reduce
perceived wait times during rushes in one portion of the building while encouraging diners to eat more
quickly to facilitate table turn in another. Using both of these music genre’s in tandem results in a
superior customer experience and loyalty” says Mark Lehman, CEO.

Cloud Cover Music’s technically robust and full-featured Tune system and simple user interface was
developed for the small single-location retailer. Over time, the simplicity of the UI evolved into a
competitive advantage that SMB and increasingly large retailers are adopting and integrating into their
communications programs. Lehman added, “We have retailers with hundreds of locations who monitor
and control each location’s music from a single, simple intuitive dashboard at HQ. They simply tailor the
audio program to local music tastes of their customers”.
See video: https://cloudcovermusic.wistia.com/medias/49r0wbd1ot

Cloud Cover Media, Inc. was founded in Santa Monica in 2011 by James Birch, a Harvard MBA. It has
been funded through Series A, B and C rounds by various international investors in the music and
entertainment business.

Contact: Mark R. Lehman, CEO
Company: Cloud Cover Media, Inc. dba Cloud Cover Music
Phone Number: (844) 422-6249
E-mail: mlehman@cloudcovermusic.com


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