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ATTN: ACCREDITED INVESTORS: Discover why many real estate investors are now dealing in real estate notes with Main Street Capital Partners

Satisfactory yields on safe investments are hard to find.  Bank CD rates are less than 1%, possibly headed to negative returns and the stock market’s volatility has even the most seasoned investors worried.

There is an ideal investment vehicle for those people searching for confident, high yields and a stress free philosophy.  A California company, Main Street Capital Partners, has developed a business model that is attracting accredited investors to annual yields of nine to fifteen percent secured by real estate.

Investors nationally are enjoying these kinds of returns and higher through real estate trust deed and mortgage investing.  Over one trillion dollars’ worth of these investments are traded each year and have been for over 75 years.  Traditionally, however, this arena and the profits it affords have been the private playground of the big lenders.  All that has changed.

Main Street Capital Partners in tandem with its sister company Main Street Asset Solution can now offer complete, seamless mortgage investments to even the most passive investor.  Their innovative approach assists the investor from acquisition, due diligence, loan servicing and note exit.

Enjoying a sterling reputation and recognized as a market leader, Main Street has attracted and currently employs the most respected leaders in the industry.  In addition, membership in such prestigious organizations such as The Mortgage Bankers Association, The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals and The Debt Buyers Association keep the company abreast of all the latest trends, new legislation and current law affecting the mortgage field.

To learn more about the opportunities to earn high returns with secured investments and to view a 15 minute video explaining the mortgage secondary market visit mainstreetnotes.net.


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