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ANHL Completes Acquisition of Mobile Payments System

9 November 2009 (PublicWire) — RTGV (OTCBB: RTGV): ANHL has completed the negotiations to acquire the rights to use the iPayu technology from iFinancial Systems, a privately-owned banking and payment software company.

Mobile Payments System

Mobile Payments System

iPayu is a payment system that uses the mobile telephone and SMS messaging to initiate small value payments and transfers. iPayu processes electronic vouchers that can be redeemed at registered merchants either over the Internet or at an attended Point Of Sale using the mobile phone for confirmation in both cases.

Barry Fludgate, NMTV’s CEO-designate, commented: “iPayu will be placed in our payments division along side WebPay. This not only strengthens the company’s offering in the payments area, but allows us to be flexible and innovative. A section of our media division will obviously concentrate on the teenage market; we can now begin to offer payments via their mobile phone and that example only represents the first application.”

International Financial Systems (www.i-financial.org) with over 21 years of services to banks, credit unions and financial institutions worldwide will continue to provide the technical infrastructure to support iPayu and the payment system.

About NMTV: RTGV, through NMTV, is an online media and electronic Mobile payment system provider with an aggressive business model to grow unique and highly profitable consumer and business services both by organic growth of current assets and by acquisition. NMTV is targeting niche markets in the areas of Web-TV with embedded internet and mobile payment system solutions. World-leading exclusive multicasting technology underpins NMTV’s broadcast platforms making them very scalable for Video On Demand (VOD), linear broadcasting and live broadcasts. Two media platforms are being developed, while payment systems divisions will provide cutting-edge credit, debit, and e-cash payment services to e-commerce and Mobile Payments System commerce merchants offering significant savings over current payment methods. Through Web-Pay and iPayu, embedding its payment solutions seamlessly into its online media broadcasting platforms will create a clear differentiation and advantage for our Company over other broadcast platforms, allowing its customer to monetize digital assets with no further integration of financial systems. Furthermore, through its retail sales channel, BMC, NMTV will be able to brand and productize its media offerings for sale through traditional retail outlets. NMTV’s strategy for each initiative is to maximize ROI for all stakeholders For RTGV’s available Due Diligence, visit our website at: www.rtgventures.com

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