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ACTA – Sum of the Parts Suggest +50% upside potential – KORR Value blog

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WNC     12/13/16         $15.62           24.16           54.67%

TA         12/16/16         $  6.85             7.60           10.95%

CALM   12/23/16         $43.25           45.45             5.09%

RAIL     12/27/16         $15.34           18.19           18.57%

AAPL     1/03/17         $115.39        156.65           35.76%

GNRT     1/29/17         $  4.49              6.07           35.19%

VST        5/09/17         $15.00           16.80            12.00%

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KORR Value invests in established businesses that are trading at a discount to their intrinsic value. Why? Because we want PROFITS while protecting our investment. We don’t invest in penny stocks or story stocks.

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ACTA is our latest value stock.  We believe ACTA, a $14 stock, is worth over $22 on a sum of the parts valuation.
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